PELUM Kenya will hold the Country Working Group (CWG) meeting on the 22nd and 23rd September 2011.  The CWG meeting will be hosted by the Neighbours Initiatives Alliance (NIA), a Member Organization of PELUM Kenya, working in Kajiado County of Kajiado District.

Through NIA’s Motto of Promoting Dependable Neighbourliness, the service delivery NGO works addresses the needs of the poor and vulnerable groups among the Maasai people living in various neighbourhoods (former group ranches) in Kajiado district of Kenya.  NIA has a well-defined and functional structure, which empowers the neighbourhoods to participate in decision making and running of the organization such that at the neighbourhood level, are neighbourhood committees that address various developmental issues in the community. Under these committees are working groups which address natural resource management, social justice, leadership and governance, livestock development and development education (gender, HIV/AIDS, children rights). Programme design and coordination is facilitated by the Secretariat and Board of Advisory Management (BOAM), the latter’s role being mainly advisory.

PELUM Kenya’s focus for the CWG will be mainly Strengthening Partnerships and Institutional Development for improved service delivery.  The CWG targets CEOs and senior Programme managers of Member Organizations with guest speakers as thematic session facilitators. Invited Resource Persons will facilitate topics in Government Civil Societies Organizations collaboration (CSO), Fundraising, Organization Development and Sustainability, Sericulture, Local and International market Opportunities, herbal medicinal plants, networking and knowledge sharing

The members will visit NIA Communities to learn and exchange Ideas and this will be an opportunity to interact with the Maasai Community, and acquire knowledge from the projects they are implementing