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Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Association is a network of  Civil Society Organizations / NGOs working with Small-scale farmers in East, Central, and Southern Africa. The Association membership has grown from 25 pioneer members (in 1995) to over 280 members. PELUM Kenya is the Kenyan country chapter of the PELUM Association and has a membership of 60 Member Organizations. PELUM Kenya network promotes agroecological principles and practices through the following approaches; advocacy and policy influence, networking, capacity development, information, and knowledge sharing. the various agroecological practices promoted include; organic agriculture, sustainable agriculture, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, permaculture, conservation agriculture, biodynamic agriculture, family farming, and bio-intensive agriculture. All PELUM Kenya Member Organizations do not promote GMOs or the use of synthetic agricultural inputs.

Our Mission

To Promote agroecological principles and practices among member organizations, small holder farmers and pastoralists communities in Kenya

Our Values

  1. Commitment to Partnership, Participation and Networking
  2. Commitment to Gender Equity and Social Inclusion
  3. Transparency and Accountability
  4. Quality Service Delivery

Our Vision

Empowered, prosperous and healthy communities in Kenya

Our Thematic Areas

  • Institutional Strengthening, Networking & Capacity Development

  • Policy Influence & Advocacy on Agroecological Practices

  • Agro-enterprise and Market Development

  • Climate Change Resilience and Natural Resource Management

  • Women and Youth Inclusion in Agroecology

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