1. Promotes participatory ecological land use and management practices in the East, Central and Southern region.
  2. Builds the capacity of members and partners to respond appropriately to community needs as they work to empower the communities they work with.
  3. Increases the visibility of the small-scale farmers.
  4. Promotes sharing of information of development experiences, innovations, and best practices.
  5. Strengthens linkages and collaboration through action learning among partners and members.
  6. Lobbies (directly) for change and formulation of policies in favor of small scale farmers.
  7. Produces development magazines (Ground-Up) and PELUM Bullet-ins
  8. Promotes Seed Security and hence food security among small-scale farmers.
  9. Promotes the use of indigenous food Programme
  10. Promotes the mainstreaming of the Gender and HIV / AIDS in Agriculture Development Programme.
  11. Offers Consultancy in Research and Development