Country Working Group (CWG)

The members in a country are called the Country Working Group. Presently PELUM-Kenya has 38 members of its CWG. PELUM-Kenya members are spread in the 6 of the 8 provinces of Kenya. It does not have members in Coast and North Eastern Provinces.

Country (National) Board

This is an advisory / governance body of PELUM at the Country level. PELUM-Kenya has a National Board of 8 including the Country Coordinator, who is the Secretary to the Boards and is also non-voting.

Country Desks (Offices)

This is where the activities of PELUM association are coordinated at the Country level. The Country Desk for PELUM in Kenya is based in Thika. The head of the Country Desk is called a Country Coordinator and is also the CEO for PELUM Association in that Country.  Presently PELUM-Kenya Country Desk (Office) has 10 full time staff members.

The Regional Desk

This is where the activities of PELUM association are coordinated at the regional level. The head of the Regional Desk is called a Secretary General. PELUM regional Desk is located in Lusaka, Zambia.

The Regional Board (made of Country Board Chairpersons)

The Country Board Chairpersons of the countries where PELUM-Kenya is operating make up the regional Board. They Country Board Chairpersons are also the Country Representatives for their respective Countries.

Triennial General Meeting (TGM)

This is the highest body of PELUM and meetings after every three years. The first TGM was held for PELUM was held in Kabwe, Zambia. The most recent TGM was held in Morogoro, Tanzania in 2008 and the next one will be held in Lesotho 2011.