This is a department in PELUM-Kenya that functions across all the programmes. It comprises the Country Desk Management team who include the Country Coordinator, the Programme Operations Manager and the Finance and Administration Manager. It is headed by the Country Coordinator.

The department’s main goal is to provide technical, advisory and management support to all PELUM-Kenya programmes. It is also the direct link between the PELUM-Kenya National Board and the Country Desk Staff. Its overall responsibility is to ensure that PELUM-Kenya meets its cardinal obligations and functions as a network and an institution of integrity that relate well with all its external collaborators and partners.

The Specific Objectives of the Department include:

  • Providing technical support to programmes and staff to ensure efficient and effective implementation of PELUM-Kenya programmes.
  • Strengthening and managing PELUM-Kenya’s operating systems including human, financial, programme and general network administration.
  • Build the capacity of member organizations to strengthen their abilities to build community resilience, promote sustainable development and best practices in finance management and accountability.
  • Strengthening and broadening vibrant partnerships and linkages with existing, new and all like-minded partners and collaborators.

Key achievements of the this department in 2009 include;

  • The successful recruitment of the Programme Operations Manager whose overall responsibility is to ensure successful implementation and operations of all the PELUM-Kenya Programmes.
  • The Finance and Administration Manager, Ms. Caroline Mukeku Nyari left PELUM-Kenya and Ms. Pauline Kimani joined in her place. We wish Carol all the best in her endeavors and welcome Ms. Kimani on board.

In the process of nurturing new and exciting partnerships with Swedish Cooperative Centre (Sweden) and Mashav / CINADCO, (Israel);