The aim of the Programme

To Enhance the capacity of PELUM Kenya Member Organization and Staff in Sustainable Agriculture and areas of need in Capacity building, promote useful collaboration and good practices with like-minded network.

  • To build the capacity of PELUM Kenya members and Staff in Sustainable Agriculture and Institution development
  • To Identify areas of need in capacity building for PELUM Kenya members and the Staff
  • To promote networking, collaboration and sharing of good practices among PELUM Kenya members and build a strong network.
  • To create linkages between and among PELUM Kenya members with other like-minded Organizations

Recent major Events

Results Based Management Workshop

PELUM Kenya recently held a three (3) days workshop from 30th July to 1st August 2014 on Results Based Management for PELUM Kenya Members. The main objective of this workshop was to equip the members with Results Based Management skills and knowledge necessary for monitoring and reporting results. After the training the participants should be able to develop a Monitoring & Evaluation plan for the implementation of set activities for the achievement of programme goals. 26 Participants from the Member Organizations were trained. Results determination has become increasingly important, so is the progress and what have been achieved. The Participants were Monitoring and Evaluation Officers and Staff tasked in tracking progress in projects implementation. The Members will develop a results based Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for their respective Organizations.

PELUM Kenya Communication Strategy

In March 2012 ACT! Kenya Staff facilitated an Organization Network Analysis (ONA) for PELUM Kenya Member Organizations. One of the key emerging issues mentioned was that Member Organizations have not been efficient in publicity of their Organization image and the work done to the stakeholders. Most of the PELUM Kenya Members have been doing commendable work in ecological land use management, yet poor or lack of communication strategies have limited their uptake; retaining this is to just within the scope of the operation areas.

Many Organizations have been carrying out commendable work on the ground. However it was noted that the information is usually confined within the respective organizations. The scenario has contributed to slow development of some organizations and the network as well. As a result, Member Organizations have not excelled well in establishing and strengthening collaboration with other stakeholders especially the weaker members. It was realized that there is minimal knowledge in both internal and external communication strategies; hence a 3 days workshop on development of the Organization Communication strategy was held in October 2012.

PELUM Kenya recently held a meeting in May 2014 to further deliberate on the Strategy. The Members provided inputs during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in May 2014. A draft Communication Strategy will be shared within the network members for domestication.

 Upcoming activities

  • Sharing and promotion of Farmers innovations in collaboration with Institutions of higher learning
  • Vihiga County forum to be organized jointly by Bio gardening Innovations (BIOGI) and KIMA Integrated Community Development (KICIP) with special attention on community support and action within Emuhaya Sub – County for conservation of Ebuhando hills Western Kenya; September 2014
  • Stakeholders Forum for Sand harvesters, Sand brokers and Community members to share the draft policy of Sand harvesting that has been developed by the County government of Kajiado; September 2014
  • Country Working Group (CWG ) meeting to be held from the 18th to 19th September 2014. The meeting will be hosted by TaitaTaveta Wildlife Forum (TTWF)