• Get adequate information about PELUM Association.
  • Request in writing for a Membership Application Form from the Country Coordinator. The Application form will be sent to the applicant by Email.
  • Fill the Membership Application forms and send the same to the Country Secretariat. The applicant should also enclose organizational profiles, brochures, or any other relevant documents as requested by the Country Secretariat or any other relevant document that may support their bid for membership with PELUM-Kenya. NB: There must be cover letter with organizational letter head with a ref: Membership application to PELUM Association.
  • The Application is reviewed and processed. A staff member and/ or board members of PELUM – Kenya pays a visit to the applying organization for further assessment.
  • The Application is presented to PELUM-Kenya National Board.  The National Board may approve / disapprove / defer any application. The reason for any action is given in writing by the Country Secretariat’s Coordinator to the applicant.
  • If the application is approved by the PELUM-Kenya National Board, the applicant is informed and is admitted as a Temporary member of PELUM-Kenya.
  • The case of each Temporary Member is discussed at the PELUM-Kenya next Annual General Meeting (AGM). A representative from the applying member is expected to be present in this meeting to answer any question the AGM delegates may have. If approved, is given the status of the member they had applied for.
  • The new Member is asked to immediately pay a Non-refundable joining fee of Ksh.20,000 (US $ 256) plus the Annual Subscription equivalent to the amount paid by the members in the category they have been approved by the PELUM-Kenya National Board. From there-on, the new Member will be expected in all PELUM Association activities.
  • This member is then added in the PELUM-Kenya Membership Register and is also sent to the PELUM Association Regional Desk to be included in the Regional Members’ Register.

Mr.Zachary Makanya,
P.O.Box 6123 – 01000,
SACDEP Training Center Compound, Upper Hill Road next to Central Memorial Hospital,
Thika, Kenya.

Tel: + 254 – (020) – 26 22 674
Fax: + 254 – (020) – 26 22 674
Email: pelumkenya@pelum.net

Mr. Charles Nyakora Onyango
The Chairperson
PELUM-Kenya National Board,
ALSO THE Executive Director,
Community Mobilization Against Desertification (A member organization of PELUM-Kenya)
P O Box 155 – 40404, Rongo, Kenya.
Fax: +254 – 20 – 3582502
Email: info@c-madkenya.org/c_madkenya@yahoo.com