The Lower Eastern and Coastal Zone held a training organic poultry keeping for the Olonana Organic Group through its MO CSHEP based at Kiserian in Kajiado County. The objective of the training was to equip the Group members with Knowledge and skills to rear indigenous chicken as a business. The training was as a result of a need assessment.The Group is engaged in Organic Fertilizer production among other organic farming activities. The production of Local Chicken was therefore a “connector” and “value-adder” to their various activities.

The 3-day Training (9th, 11th and 18th Oct 2017) saw the members taken through the following topics:

  • Introduction to Indigenous poultry keeping
  • Chicks Rearing
  • Chicken feed program
  • Poultry housing
  • Disease management
  • Business planning

The participants included 8 Women, one male youth and man.

At the end of the training, the members expressed confidence in how to manage a local poultry flock in terms of housing, disease control, feeding and marketing.