Who: Partnering with PRI Kenya is Permaculture expert and Founder of LPC Joseph Lentunyoi and his team at LPC. Joseph has over thirteen years of practicing and teaching Organic Farming and Permaculture, and founded the now lush and green LPC from a then dry and degraded piece of land.

What: During the classroom lectures, Joseph will introduce you to Permaculture and show you how composting fits in it. You will learn the biology of composting and really get into why composting matters in terms of plant nutrition, soil health and water retention. You will understand the fundamentals of selecting the right composting techniques and ratios.

Outdoors will be where you’ll spend most of the time while getting your hands busy into vermicomposting, hot composting and the 14 day compost. Learn how to build composting bins, use the finished products and also how to take it further by teaching others to compost.

Where: The course will take place at Laikipia Permaculture Center (LPC), which stands not far away from the majestic Mt. Kenya. The now green LPC currently stands as a true Permaculture demonstration site and increasingly a Permaculture learning Centre

How: To attend, you first register for this course here. The PRI Kenya team will then send you the payment details for the fee of KSH 22, 500, which will cover your camping, meals and course fee on site. (Please note that we will be sending you a fully detailed welcome pack after your registration to help prepare you for the course. A 50% deposit is absolutely required to save your spot on the course – this should be made within two
days after registration. Full payments must be paid no later than February 2nd.)
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