1. Healthy Consumers- Organic Food is naturally full of healthy nutrients
  2. Chemical Free- Organic food has no harmful chemical residues, additives and artificial colours
  3. Great taste- Organic food is naturally tastier
  4. Naturally healthy- Organic food is naturally full of healthy nutrients
  5. Environmentally friendly- Organic production does not pollute or degrade the environment is climate friendly and encourages biodiversity
  6. Healthy farmers- Organic farming does no harm or cause disease through chemical sprays
  7. Patent free seeds- Organic food avoids GMOs and encourages conservation of indigenous foods
  8. Harmony with mother nature- Organic production promotes soil health, plant health and animal health
  9. Respects traditional wisdom- Organic arming recognizes local farmers indigenous knowledge
  10. Sustainable food security- Organic farming is inline with sustainable farming practices.