The Green Action Week (GAW) is an annual civil society campaign to raise consumer awareness on sustainable consumption patterns. The campaign is an initiative by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and is coordinated jointly with Consumer International (CI).

This year, GAW is focusing on organic food and farming for all. This theme is a call to farmers, consumers and all relevant stakeholders to play their roles in promoting the production and consumption of organic foods.

In Kenya, the GAW activities are being implemented by Consumer International Network (CIN), PELUM-Kenya Youth Education Network (YEN), Kenya Consumer Organisation (KCO) and Active Generation Organisation (AGO).

In GAW 2015, PELUM Kenya will hold an organic food fair (on the World Food Day) preceded by a procession advocating organic farming and food for all. A field visit to an organic farm for secondary school students, school cooks and teachers will be arranged (three schools) resulting in a debate on organics vs conventional foods and a cooking competition for a tertiary institution. In social media, a competition will be announced calling for the best selfie showing organic food.